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Recently, Pokhara University decided to adopt “Time-Bound Open Book Hybrid Examination” as an alternative mode of examination for 1-8th semester students of all courses because of this COVID-19.

 But what is open book examination and how exactly it will be conducted?

In open book Examination Students are allowed to use study materials,books,and the internet while answering the exam questions. In this type of exam university frame the question in such a way which should test a student’s understanding and analytical skills, and there should be no or minimum scope of direct copying from books,Notes and internet.

The total marks of the Time-Bound Open Book Hybrid Examination shall be 70.The time limit will be 2hours and 45 minutes, 2 hour for writing the exam and 15 minutes for downloading the question paper, 30 minutes for scanning and uploading the answer sheet to the portal.

Here is the tips, How you can study better for the Final Examination:

Just because it’s an open book Examination,Most students think the level of exam would be easy and they would be able to find all the answers in the textbook, don’t think that it will be easier. Open book exams focus on higher level learning. It will test your understanding and you will be asked to formulate, compare, analyze, evaluate, or synthesize information, rather than just recall it. So you must be prepare for this.

Don’t depend Completely on Books,notes and internet. During an Time-Bound Open Book Hybrid Examination,especially in a timed exam,Your notes,text books and other reference materials can become crutch rather than assest. Don’t expect to have time to review your books, re-read your notebooks, or discover new information in internet during an Time-Bound Open Book Hybrid Examination-because you won’t.Write important facts on a separate sheet and minimize your time by spend using the reference materials and books.

All your notebooks should be organized and you should know beforehand where what information is.Set up a consolidated arrangement of notes, or outline of the course.Use highlighters and compose significant information and equations for simple access during the test.You might have the option to team up with cohorts on this.

Manage your time the way you would do at regular exam.The same time Management rules apply here as well. Use CamScanner app for scan answer sheet and apply magic color effect for good quality image. and Once you finished, re-check your exam center code, Registration number. And do not forget to rename your answer sheet pdf file name as “ExamCenterCode_Program_Semester_Subject_RollNumber” and submit.

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