How to Register Domain in Nepal ?

The Domain is the Country Code Top Level Domain for Nepal generally referred as (ccTLD) and registering process for Domain is very simple in Nepal. Domain Registration in Nepal has been always hard but with this blog, You’ll find all the details to register your favorite .np extension within few steps.

If you are a Legal Citizen or if you have a legally registered Business in Nepal then Mercantile (The official Registrar of domain) provides you with the Domain name of .np Extension for Free. You can register Domain name and get the Best Web Hosting in Nepal and start your own Very Professional Blog or Website.

Requirements for .np Domain Registration in Nepal
1.You must be a Nepali Citizen or have a Registered Business in Nepal
2.Scanned Copy of your Citizenship or Birth Certificate (in case of Minor) or Business Registration Certificate.
The Registered Name must match or must be identically similar to your Citizenship Name or Legal Business Name.
Note : Registrations on .np CCTLD is free of cost in Nepal & doesn’t cost you any penny.

Steps for Registering the .np Domain Name:
Step 1: Proceed to Mercantile’s Official Domain Registration Site and Enter your Desired Domain Name by Picking up the Correct .np Extension.

Note : The Domain name must be similar to the Name on your Citizenship or Business (i.e. If your Legal name is Kushal Kafle then you can go for or or or or or or your name’s abbreviation or similar to them). In case of Business, It must be Legal Business Name.

Step 2 : After Selecting your Desired Domain, Click on Register Now, After Clicking on It you’ll be redirected to the Login Page.

Step 3: Enter your Full name, your email set a password and confirm it. We need this username and password so if necessary write it down.

Now, We need a Name Server. Basically, NameServer is the managing factor of the domain. When Someone Enters your domain in the URL then the First thing the Internet Queries is The NS or DNS of the Domain in order to point to the Domain’s Website or Server. For Now, Let’s enter Domain Name & Use these name servers on the Domain registration page. Fill in other details about you and click save and continue.

Now In the Attach required documents Select Registration/Citizenship card from DropDown. Then click on Choose File.  Select your scanned copy of Citizenship and Click on Save Image. Remember it should be less than 800 KB. For cover letter, Please click here. Upload the cover letter and select Save Image. Then, Click on Register Domain.

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